Our Story

Everyone has a Story but too often everyone else expects you to follow a different tale. We started Sip N Button because we don’t think you should be afraid to tell your own story.

Telling Stories

Everyone tells stories. Sometimes they’re good stories. You tell yourself you are a runner, an athlete and that gives you the motivation to train. Sometimes they’re not so good. Such as when you look at the story of your diet.

We listen to other’s telling stories about us and sometimes we listen too hard when they tell us we aren’t runners or are too fat. We can sometimes let other’s stories about us drown out our own story.

We want to challenge the narrative of the stories the world tells us and enable everyone to be a Storyteller. We want you to connect with your own, personal, story and to not be afraid to tell the world. Everyone has a valid story and everyone can be a Storyteller. No skills needed. Just experience. Experience of being you.

As a Storyteller, you can tell your story and change the stories of children. We support children in the US and Africa with every story told in our Storytelling Studio, by donating a portion of our price to the Non-Profit organization JOYE.

Create, Connect, Chill

We know that telling your real story – not the one the world wants to hear or has been telling you – can be difficult at first which is why we created an amazing Contemporary Storytelling Studio where good company, refreshments and relaxing music all come together to enable a creative, fun and relaxing experience.

During the Experience you discover the strengths in your Story and symbolize them in your choice of color. Each color has a meaning and you can change the story you are telling yourself by challenging yourself to discover new colors. Changing your story can change how you live your life.

Why Buttons?

A button can symbolize life. Buttons come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to open and close your garments. In a similar way life comes in various shapes and sizes and you can open up your life for everyone to see or you can close it away from public gaze.

A button is also a good size for a small project. You can make a lasting memento of your story today, take it home with you and remind yourself what story you were telling yourself. You can come back, have another Storytelling Experience and leave with another button which you can compare to the others. Not only are you telling your story but you are charting it to refer to in the future.

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