Our Story

Everyone has a Story but too often everyone else expects you to follow a different tale. We started Sip N Button because we don’t think you should be afraid to tell your own story.

Buttons or Canvas?

A button can symbolize life. Buttons come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to open and close your garments. In a similar way life comes in various shapes and sizes and you can open up your life for everyone to see or you can close it away from public gaze.

Our large natural wood button is a good size for a decor that has your hand print on it. You can hang or frame your completed painting. You can make a lasting memento on the large wood button, take it home with you and remind yourself what story you were telling yourself. You can come back, have another Storytelling Experience and leave with another button which you can compare to the others. Not only are you telling your story but you are charting it to refer to in the future.But if a Button is not your thing we also have a canvas for you to paint on

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